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Selling a Home in Kingston Ontario

How Listing Agents Help

Reasons to sell with a Royal LePage real estate agent

As you prepare to sell your house and interview prospective agents, you may find yourself wondering: just what exactly does a real estate agent do, anyway?

Sure, you see the lawn signs and the MLS listings, but do you know all they do to earn their commission?

At a basic level, a good real estate agent will save you time and money. They know your community, what buyers want in a house, how to negotiate house prices and how to close the deal.

Your Royal LePage agent will take care of all that and a whole lot more. In every real estate transaction, the number of things to do, know and remember can be daunting. Listed below are the ways your Royal LePage agent will help you get the best price for your home, all the while saving you time and worry.

Your Royal LePage real estate agent can do the following (where applicable):

  1. Order a complete property profile of your house
  2. Perform a professional "Competitive Housing Market Analysis"
  3. Review "Total Market Overview" with sellers
  4. Create a customized market plan that targets your most likely buyers
  5. Develop a specialized pricing strategy for your property
  6. Calculate an estimate of your net proceeds from the sale
  7. Tour your property from the buyer's standpoint
  8. Conduct a complete staging analysis of your house
  9. Provide instructions to help your house sell at a higher price
  10. Review the interior of the house to maximize attractiveness
  11. Integrate photos into marketing materials
  12. Develop "soon to be available" postcards
  13. Review the status of any property tax liens against the property
  14. Obtain copies of permits relative to the property
  15. Accurately measure the house
  16. Develop advertising copy for marketing
  17. Place house description in the Multiple Listing System (MLS listings)
  18. Provide a "Real Estate Relationships Disclosure"
  19. Provide a copy of the "Real Estate Consumers Guide"
  20. Assist with the completion of an exclusive listing agreement
  21. Assist in completion of the "Agency Agreement Addendum"
  22. Review flood disclosures, if required
  23. Review lead paint disclosure requirements
  24. Review "Competitive Housing Market Analysis"
  25. Explain commission splits between listing and selling brokers
  26. Provide marketing guarantee to seller
  27. Review benefits and drawbacks of using real estate lock box
  28. Arrange for pest control inspection of the house
  29. Arrange for contractor's inspection of the house
  30. Arrange for roof report of the house, as necessary
  31. Arrange for septic tank inspection
  32. Arrange for county inspection
  33. Prepare seller's disclosure statement
  34. Place professional For Sale sign on property, as authorized
  35. Directly contact other real estate agents with qualified buyers about the property
  36. Respond to real estate agent questions about the property
  37. Respond to buyer questions about the property
  38. Develop a convenient open house schedule with owner or tenants
  39. Hold public open house viewings as warranted
  40. Conduct telephone cold calls to target market, as necessary
  41. Order professional photos of the property to be taken for online listings
  42. Conduct door-knocking campaign in neighbourhood, as appropriate
  43. Prepare just-listed postcards for potential buyers
  44. Follow up with potential buyers from open house
  45. Arrange for a tour of the property for all real estate agents in the area
  46. Obtain other real estate agents' opinions of home pricing strategy
  47. Provide weekly status report to seller by phone or in person
  48. Review local news sources for changes in neighbourhood
  49. Send thank-you notes to real estate agents who show the property
  50. Review the financial impact of any purchase offers with seller
  51. Negotiate and write counter offers, as necessary
  52. Make sure escrow is open in a timely manner
  53. Make sure initial deposit is placed into escrow in a timely manner
  54. Make sure deposit increases are placed into escrow on time
  55. Make sure buyer applies for a loan within contracted period
  56. Provide access to property for inspectors, as necessary
  57. Make sure seller places all necessary documents
  58. Assist seller in transferring utilities to home buyer
  59. Assist seller in moving to a new residence
  60. Provide keys to home buyer
  61. Review closing statement with sellers
  62. Deliver proceeds cheque to sellers

Royal LePage sales representatives are your residential real estate experts. For helpful advice about selling your home, contact Korinne Peachey from your local Royal LePage real estate office.

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