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Condominium Purchasing in Kingston Ontario

Location may be as much as a prime factor for you to consider when purchasing a condominium as it would be when purchasing a house.

Physical Factors to Consider

  • proximity of suite to party room and other amenities that can create noise concerns;
  • party room hours as well as hours of other amenities (often found in the declaration);
  • hours of use for garbage chutes if unit is near one;
  • how quiet elevators are if unit is adjacent to one: An evening visit is informative in this respect;
  • street noise varies with the elevation of a suite: Some noise from distant high-ways may be more evident on higher than lower floors;
  • noise from adjacent suites. Here again, an evening visit should be informative;
    Is the condo metered for electricity? Meters are an advantage because fees should be lower and owners don’t pay for neighbours’ extravagant use of energy!

There is the matter of condos that have two or more buildings and may also include a townhouse complex. These condos may or may not share amenities. For instance, some share a common “pod” or a clubhouse where pools, party rooms, guest suites and other amenities are located.

Each building or complex may have its own or a shared declaration and a separate board of directors or a shared board. These boards may meet occasionally in order to deal with issues pertaining to the facilities they share. Or members of each board are delegated to form a board for the purpose of administering these facilities.

Multi-building condos may or may not have the same management company. However, when they share one management company from the outset and one of the boards of directors is not satisfied with the management’s performance, the situation becomes complicated - especially when the declaration stipulates that there has to be unanimity among boards in order to change management or to have separate management companies.

If you would like information on Kingston's Condominium market, what is available, their locales, what amenities are offered and what the differing fees may be with each building, please let me know. Allow me to help you make an informed decision!

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